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Our goal is to connect two communities: Those with gifts to give, and those with needs to be met. People who need a mentor and volunteers who desire to improve the life of one person at a time. One by one, we serve the Brentwood community, as well as the surrounding area, by working to meet the educational needs of all. This includes all those at risk, with learning disabilities, those struggling with English as a second language, as well as those who just need to believe in themselves. We seek to assist and work cooperatively with the other institutions, public and private, in meeting these goals. Primarily we serve as an after school tutor program for children in need of academic assistance. Each child is paired with a tutor of their own who will serve as their own personal tutor for a full academic school year.

Our board members meet regularly, at least once a month. They provide the link between the students and coordinator and the community and donors. Board membership includes a balance of educators, business people, donors, and others active in church and community.

Join our cause and discover the incredible joy of helping our children succeed!

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