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No successful child can succeed without the encouragement of their community. Among the most influential aspect of a childs life are the individuals which can leave a lasting impact. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, but at our center, our tutor volunteers leave their mark by providing academic assistance to our children while also building a strong one on one friendship.

Each child is designated their very own tutor, this allows for every child to receive the full attention they require to progress in their academics. Our tutors come from various backgrounds and they have all come together for a common help children in need. We are grateful to have tutors that range from twelve years old to even ninety-two years old. There are men, women, boys, and girls all able and willing to assist other children in need. Many of our tutors are adults that are retired, and many of them have raised children of their own.

Truly, there is a sense of deep care and concern at our center for love of our children by a group of wonderful volunteers. To them we would like to say:

*Those interested in becoming volunteers, please download the volunteer application and bring it in person to our center.


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